26 CBD Experts and Enthusiasts Explain Why CBD Is So Popular Right Now

It’s no secret that the CBD market has exploded in recent years, with almost every adult demographic, including older adults, showing a growing interest in CBD and CBD-infused products. Following the legalisation of hemp cultivation in the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD has become widely available and is now available in a wide range of products, from gummies and lollipops (and even dog treats) to shampoos, other beauty and skincare products, and more.

With the federal legalisation of hemp and the increasing availability of CBD products on the market, attitudes toward CBD are changing as more consumers try it and report on their experiences. CBD is being used to treat everything from migraines to anxiety, as a pre- and post-workout supplement, and even as part of people’s daily health and wellness routines.

To learn more about the most important factors influencing CBD’s growing popularity, we contacted a panel of CBD experts and enthusiasts and asked them to answer the following question:

“What is it about CBD that has made it so popular recently?”

Meet Our CBD Experts and Enthusiasts:

  1. Logan Derrick’s formal name is Logan Derrick.
  2. Dr. Leslie Apgar’s formal name is Leslie Apgar.
  3. Andrew Fox is a writer.
  4. Ashwinn Krishnaswamy’s formal name is Ashwinn Krishnaswamy.
  5. Chris Vaughn’s formal name is Christopher Vaughn.
  6. David Grigsby’s formal name is David Grigsby.
  7. Danny Pollack is a film director.
  8. Reda Elmardi’s formal name is Reda Elmardi.
  9. Anthony Franciosi and Vicky Cano
  10. John Stoltzfus is an American businessman.
  11. Jonah Schwartz’s formal name is Jonah Schwartz.
  12. Suzi West’s formal name is Suzi West.
  13. Shawn Lockery’s formal name is Shawn Lockery.
  14. Mariya Palanjian’s formal name is Mariya Palanjian.
  15. Conor Denman’s formal name is Conor Denman.
  16. Rachel Albertson’s formal name is Rachel Albertson.
  17. Marcos Martinez and Amelie Gagne
  18. Mr. John Frigo
  19. Seth Richtsmeier’s formal name is Seth Richtsmeier.
  20. James Black is a fictional character.
  21. Kate, your sister
  22. Dr. Johnny Garcia’s formal name is Johnny Garcia.
  23. Alexandra Curley’s formal name is Alexandra Curley.
  24. Robyn McNeil’s formal name is Robyn McNeil.

NOTE: The information and opinions expressed below are those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect Incredible Edibles’ opinions.

Logan Derrick’s formal name is Logan Derrick.

Logan Derrick is the co-founder of Steel Wellness, a company that specialises in high-quality health products and mindful wellness education. Logan is a successful health and wellness writer who has published useful content in publications all over the internet.

“CBD has grown in popularity as more studies show its benefits for mental wellness…”

Many studies have shown that products like CBD oil and hemp-derived topicals have a positive impact on the user’s overall health, from anxiety to depression. When these tried-and-true products are combined with personal efforts to improve your physical and mental well-being, the effect is amplified.

Leslie Apgar, M.D.

Dr. Leslie Apgar is a board-certified OB/GYN with 20 years of direct patient care experience. She is passionate about assisting patients in finding relief and health through the use of high-quality medical cannabis and natural medicine. She also co-founded and serves as the medical director of Greenhouse Wellness, a medical cannabis dispensary.

“CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is now widely available from online retailers, local health food stores, and pharmacies…”

However, not all CBD is created equal, which means that the quality and testing varies greatly between brands. Make sure the brand you choose has a certificate of analysis that specifies which cannabinoids are present and that there are no impurities.

CBD has few side effects and is simple to consume in the pills, capsules, consumable products, and topicals that are currently available on the market. It has a lot of potential as an anti-inflammatory treatment. As a result, it can be used to treat nearly any condition, from inflammatory bowel disease to osteoarthritis to acne. People are also eager to try this compound, which has long been shrouded in the illicit market. Many people, including myself, are dissatisfied with modern medicine and are looking for alternative methods of treatment that do not have the side effects that big pharma medications do.

Andrew Fox’s formal name is Andrew Fox.

Andrew is the founder and CEO of AimWorkout.

“Over the last few years, CBD product markets have exploded…”

Furthermore, they have gained widespread popularity as a result of the numerous health benefits they provide. The cannabis plant contains over 100 different types of cannabinoids. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound that is a member of the cannabinoid group that can be found in the cannabis plant.

All kudos should be given to the legalisation of medical and recreational cannabis in the United States. CBD is now being sold with the claim that it can cure a variety of diseases ranging from cancer to anxiety; however, the studies on CBD aren’t compelling because they are typically conducted on a small scale on animals. It is marketed and sold in every conceivable form (e.g., chocolates, gummies, pills, capsules, oils, vaping, etc.). Many people were worried about its safety until the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it safe in 2017, boosting its popularity.

@itsoklahomas Ashwinn Krishnaswamy

Oklahoma Smokes was co-founded by Ashwinn. He also runs Forge, a digital agency that assists with the launch of new products and brands.

“CBD has been popular for a while, but pandemic-related anxiety is most likely a factor in its current popularity…”

We’re also learning more about CBD on a daily basis, and we’re constantly discovering new ways that CBD can help us in our daily lives. My company, Oklahoma Smokes, recognised that CBD hemp flower could be used in a tobacco-free, nicotine-free cigarette alternative to help smokers quit, but there are numerous other new CBD innovations that have contributed to its popularity. CBD has been shown to reduce pain from wearing high heels, calm inflamed skin, and possibly even slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. It is no longer just an anti-anxiety tool, and businesses are beginning to take advantage of its other applications.

@emjaydelivery Chris Vaughn

Chris Vaughn is a seasoned entrepreneur and industry leader in technology, beverage alcohol, and cannabis. He is the CEO of Pacific Consolidated Holdings (PCH), a company that owns and operates businesses in the cannabis and beverage alcohol industries. Emjay, one of the leading cannabis delivery and retail operators in California, and Saucey, one of the largest last-mile logistics and delivery platforms for alcohol in the United States, are two of PCH’s signature platforms.

“CBD’s popularity has gradually increased over the last three years due to its anxiety relief and ability to relax strained muscles…”

Since the pandemic has caused an undercurrent of stress across the country, anxiety relief is likely a significant factor contributing to its current popularity. CBD provides many of the calming benefits of cannabis without any of the mind-altering effects, resulting in a bodily “high” that isn’t actually getting “high.” CBD can also be infused into anything from your morning coffee to your nightly essential oil routine, making it very simple to incorporate into your daily routine.

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