Amazon will invite authorities to legalize marijuana

Amazon mentioned Tuesday that it will continue to invest in the US The tech giant said in a posted blog that it has endorsed the newly introduced Cannabis Management and Opportunity Act. This law was introduced in September by Senators Cory Booker, Ron Wyden, and Chuck Schumer. Amazon will proceed to the lobby from the US Galletti said the modifications had been made for many reasons: the number of states legalizing cannabis is growing; pre-employment marijuana testing 'disproportionately affects people of color and acts as a barrier to employment'; and the company must expand the number of people applying for jobs, given its growth. Pre-employment marijuana testing has disproportionately affected shadow communities by stalling job placement and, by extension, financial development, and we imagine this uneven remedy to be unacceptable, '' Galletti wrote. The tech giant said it has backed the recently launched Cannabis Management and Alternatives Act. Earlier this month, Amazon unveiled plans to hire 55,000 corporate and tech employees to keep up with demand. According to its final earnings report, Amazon has 950,000 employees in the US 2020, Amazon had 1.3 million temporary and full-time employees worldwide. Amazon, already the second largest personal employer in the US, featured more than 500,000 people in 2020, mainly in warehousing and supply operations due to the increase in online shopping, due to the COVID pandemic- 19. However, Amazon will display the drug for those applying for positions regulated by the Department of Transportation. In September, Amazon asked its supply partners not to display potential drivers of marijuana use on screen to help overcome a labor shortage. Following that decision, a staffing firm surveyed 45,000 firms in 43 countries that stopped testing recreational drug use to fill vacant positions. In all, 43 states and the District of Columbia have varying degrees of cannabis legalization.

American Black Bear Ursus Americanus in forest clearing landscap Lately, the topic of medical marijuana has appeared more and more frequently in foreign media, scientists are doing their best to obtain permits and funding for research in this area, believing in its promise, and in many nations of the world, decriminalization and legalization are underway. Most of the hype now provokes a substance similar to CBD or cannabidiol contained in the hemp plant. Right now it can be discovered anywhere from food to decorative cosmetics. Buy quite legally in online stores in the type of oil. And all because CBD does not have psychoactive properties, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it nevertheless has healing properties. Since CBD is a living part of the marijuana itself, you can earn income by smoking an old-fashioned joint. The main factor is ensuring that a predominant grade of this particular substance, reasonably THC, gets stuck in your joint if you simply need to relax and relieve anxiety or pain, and not, as usual, get stuck on the couch.., trying unsuccessfully to control paranoia.

Let's strive to find out how this magical cannabidiol works, based primarily on the latest information from the world of science and the experience of consumers using CBD as a medicine and not for fun. Since cannabidiol is not a psychoactive substance, you cannot get high with it; however, it is easy to extend your productivity, relieve anxiety, and ease pain. When using CBD, ideas are generally not confused, reminiscence is not impaired, and due to muscle relaxation, it is not changed to a vegetable, as is often the case with smoking THC-predominant cannabis strains. If the ratio of these substances is approximately the same, you will find a slight euphoric effect and the beneficial effects mentioned above at the same time. At the same time, adverse sanctions such as paranoia, dry mouth, dry and red eyes, hunger and gluttony, drowsiness and brief reminiscence problems, which are often attributable to THC, do not occur. These varieties are most often used as pain relievers.

Recently, in the US, where marijuana is still on the checklist of probably the most harmful psychoactive substances, there was a real breakthrough in the field of pharmaceuticals – the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the launch of the first marijuana. antiepileptic drug based mainly on the US market under the name Epidiolex. Its most important component is precisely cannabidiol, whose anticonvulsant impact has been confirmed by the FDA with its tests. Today, Epidiolex is used to treat severe types of epilepsy and disorders so rare that they trigger frequent and severe cramps in children, such as Drave syndrome and Lenno-Gastaut syndrome. And, before Epidiolex, there have been other medications based primarily on the parts of marijuana. For example, the Belgian firm Solvay Pharmaceuticals in 1985 created Marinol (dronabinol), aa remedy that is just an artificial THC, which is still used today to increase the appetite of most cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. In 2010, the British pharmaceutical group GW Pharmaceuticals developed Sativex, a drug that contains equal components of CBD and THC, to relieve muscle cramps and the different symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

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