Excessive cannabis use during pregnancy is correlated with dangers to the infant

How to Decarboxlyate Cannabis // Weed Decarb Guide - YouTubeThey focused on 20,237 mothers who had an analysis for cannabis use disorder at the time of delivery. The disorder is defined by continued use of the drug regardless of deficits in physical, psychological, and social functioning. The researchers compared mothers with 1: 2 cannabis use disorder to mothers who did not have this diagnosis. They pointed to elements of stability comparable to maternal age, educational level, health insurance, physical and psychological well-being situations, prenatal care, and alcohol and opioid use disorder. Cannabis use disorder was associated with increased odds of preterm birth (odds ratio, 1.06), small for gestational age (OR, 1.13), low baseline weight (OR, 1.13) and loss of life within 1 year of onset (OR, 1.35), according to researchers' estimates. Shi and his colleagues wrote. More research is required to understand the causes of loss of life at completely different levels from childhood, they mentioned. The results "imply that screening for cannabis use disorders, in addition to training, counseling or referral to substance abuse remedial services, should be inspired by pregnant girls," Shi said.

The study does not establish that cannabis use disorder causes antagonistic effects, and it is unclear how the results might apply to mothers who use cannabis but do not meet diagnostic criteria for the disorder, the authors said. Many doctors couldn't really feel equipped to make a diagnosis of cannabis use disorder, said Jamie Lo, MD, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. Although many doctors ask patients about substance use in general, in particular, screening for cannabis use is not a routine practice. Lo, who was not involved in the investigation, is investigating the consequences of marijuana during pregnancy. The confounding components comparable to frequent tobacco sharing have so far made it "problematic to suspect" whether the observed results are immediately from the use of cannabis, other substances or exposures, or a mixture, Lo said. The likelihood that stigma could result in inaccurate self-reporting poses another challenge. And the range of cannabis delivery devices complicates matters even more. He said it. The data on cigarettes and alcohol are cleaner and more accurate compared. However, federal companies and specialized societies agree that "what we know is enough to recommend that pregnant women refrain from using cannabis during pregnancy," Lo said. The National Institute on Drug Abuse, which funded the research, said the results add to evidence that prenatal cannabis advertising could also be associated with poor childbirth and well-being outcomes. Nora D. Volkow, MD, a director of the company, stated in a news release.

Cannabis use that interferes with a woman's ability to function during pregnancy is a danger factor for extreme health problems in the young, according to a new analysis. Pregnant women with cannabis use disorder are more likely to have low-birth-weight children and children who die within 1 year of onset, compared to matched controls, according to research revealed online in Addiction. The death rate among babies discovered for prenatal cannabis use disorder was 0.98%, in contrast to 0.75% among babies whose mothers did not have this prognosis. Cannabis use disorder during pregnancy "has increased dramatically in the last two decades," yet little research has examined the impacts on the health of offspring, says writer Yuyan Shi, PhD, in an interview. Shi, a researcher at the Herbert Wertheim College of Public Welfare and Human Longevity Sciences at the University of California, San Diego, and his colleagues analyzed the knowledge of more than 4. Eight million mothers who gave birth to a single birth in California between 2001 and 2012 and their babies.

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