Jim Jones and Alex Todd on Scaling a Cannabis Model, The Jay-Z Partnership

John Lynch: Glad you're on the mend, man. I used to ask you if you smoke again, and I see that you are. Jim Jones: Yes, positively smoking again. Although it was good. I bought to quit smoking practically weekly. In that span of seven days, I could have smoked a joint that was in the ashtray from time to time, you know what I mean? Todd: You didn't even feel like smoking, huh, once you were sick? Jones: No, the urge to smoke is gone. And the smoke tasted like burnt hay. You can't even taste the smoke. Everything was wrong, man. Launched in June 2019, Saucey Farms and Extracts went through "two reasonably crazy years, considering the pandemic," Todd said at the beginning of the call. The brand's launch in 2019 coincided with a subsidiary line of cannabis products known as CAPO, named after Jones' nickname Dipset. Todd stated that Saucey's inaugural product, a pre-rolled blunt line from Jones known as CAPO Blunt (Triple F'n OG), has remained one of many brands' flagship promo items among their choice of different presets. coils, vape cartridges, and cannabis flowers.

Cannabis: +Europa in piazza anche a Messina, “avanti legalizzazione” Roc Nation rapper Jim Jones and movie star jeweler Alex Todd spoke to Insider about the trajectory of their cannabis brand, Saucey Farms and Extracts. Jones and Todd discussed their recent distribution partnership with Jay-Z's The Mother or Father Firm and discussed the private and commercial perspectives of marijuana legalization in New York. Last month, I spoke with Roc Nation rapper Jim Jones and famed jeweler and entrepreneur Alex Todd about the history of Saucey Farms and Extracts, the cannabis model they co-founded in 2019. Zoom's video call happened two weeks after Jones. Dipset faced The Lox in a battle of Verzuz in the Madison Square Backyard. Our name was rescheduled after the event after Jones caught COVID-19, which was on the mend as we spoke. Jones joined toward the top of the 30-minute call with a lit joint in hand. Todd associated that he hadn't heard from Jones in days, and Jones replied that no one had heard from him while he was recovering.

Wall Street banks have raised more than $ 577 million in cannabis offering charges since 2017. Canaccord Genuity has led the pack, raising $ 170 million, with Goldman Sachs a distant second. Here are the top opposing bankers raising cash, reducing deals, and raising thousands and thousands. Morgan Stanley simply selected Vanguard's Alonzo Ellis to serve as the firm's new global chief information security officer. Ellis has spent more than eight years at Vanguard, most recently as its top information security executive, and may join Morgan Stanley in September. More on his new role. Retailers had a rare opportunity to have their voices heard throughout Robinhood's second-quarter earnings name this week. Merchants needed answers on everything from the company's cryptocurrency plans to the right way to source branded products. This is what happened on the call. The hedge funds of two big money managers, BlackRock and Pimco, lag behind the common fund this year. Some white-collar employees have discovered an approach to leveraging telecommuting to their advantage, working two full-time jobs without either employer noticing. Some people spend less than forty hours a week on each job, but they increase housing wages to more than $ 600,000. Reuters reported that Goldman Sachs will buy NNIP, a Dutch asset manager, for around $ 2 billion. Wall Avenue coders are getting more flexible work freedom than bankers, according to Bloomberg. Why programmers keep working without having to work part time. According to Coindesk, Wells Fargo just launched a passive bitcoin fund for its wealthy buyers. More on the new fund here.

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