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Dutch TreatThey will present the medical plan in late August and the recreational use bill in spring 2017. Meanwhile, they rejected a bill to decriminalize in the meantime, aimed at ceasing arrests. As a substitute they have chosen to allow raids on medical dispensaries. And they have chosen to allow the arrest of people until the new bill is approved, probably some time in 2018. It is two additional years of misery by mandate of the authorities. Liberals want to control timing. They are so deeply possessed that they have begun to speak in tongues. They have stated, for example, that they will arrest Canadians to protect children. Does this sound like English or French? Absolute cleanliness. Licensed growers in Canada are required to grow plants indoors in a sterile environment, caring for them with sterile white overalls socks, caps and masks. A single red mite or undesirable microorganism introduced into such an environment will create havoc within hours; it will have no competition. The regulators had been possessed by a cleaning demon.

Cannabis, in Uruguay sarà possibile anche produrla in casa (VIDEO) If the primary product is oils or infused edibles, the distributor signs a contract with a manufacturer. Each manufacturer may also have to deliver their medications to a distributor, who will send the samples to a laboratory. In case they go, the distributor executes a contract between the producer and the dispensers. If there are additional steps in the chain, there are many more trips to and from distributors. Laboratories, distributors and anything else that is required to take care of the MMRSA will be paid for by assessing a 15-35% tax on the product at each point in this sequence. The new system will simply double and possibly triple the price of medical cannabis in California. Patients will not be able to afford this upgrade and may want to find underground sources. If they do that in large quantities, the legal supply system will collapse. This plan has become known as greedy.

They give priority to stores that have been paying taxes and reportedly used them in the past to obtain an I-502 recreational license. As of April 2015, 1,900 licensing purposes had been filed and none had been granted. The new regulation exempts patients from sales tax, but imposes a new special tax of 37%, which dramatically increases the cost of their medications. It also dramatically reduces how much they will develop and sell. Like its cousin in California, this plan is greedy and indiscriminate. It is also an attempt at absolute control; its writers are possessed, hell-bent on bringing commerce back underground. When Well Being Canada established its rapidly expiring Marijuana Laws for Medical Functions (MMPR) in 2014, it gave Canadian physicians a duty to prescribe or suggest cannabis to their patients. In English Canada, this occasion generated confusion and hostility. Doctors were unprepared to defend a drug they had never studied, and few had wanted to participate. In Quebec, things developed differently.

Editors' Word: Distribute the abstract! WILL A HEMP TEXTILE FINANCIAL SYSTEM EVER BE ON THE HORIZON IN BRITISH COLUMBIA'S Economic FUTURE? I have begun to suspect that the minds of some contemporary regulators are under the direction of demons. I provide the following examples. In September 2015, the state of California passed the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA), a comprehensive state licensing system. The Law requires the State to establish new companies, and for this process, the estimated time is two years. So while the MMRSA is now a regulation, it will likely go into effect only in 2018. Meanwhile, California medical cannabis activists are preparing for a battle. The MMRSA establishes a set of official distributors and a set of official laboratories. If this system is allowed to cope, it will work as followsway. Each grower may have to deliver their cannabis to a distributor, who will send samples to a laboratory. If the superior product is a bud and passes inspection, the distributor executes a contract between the producer and the dispensaries.

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