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10 Ways To Wash A Grinder And Save Kief

Unfortunately, weed grinders have to be cleaned for every little thing to go easily. After just a few months of steady use, your grinder will likely be coated with sticky resin. Consequently, grinding will grow to be a tougher process. Once it is simply too gunked up, it may not twist. In the event you don’t have a excessive-finish grinder, the teeth could break in a sticky state of affairs. So, it’s vital to scrub a grinder each occasionally. We’ll go into element on how to wash a grinder whereas saving your treasured kief.

10. Freezing

Freezing your grinder for 15 to half-hour could make extracting caught kief loads simpler. First, put your grinder in a freezer protected container and go away it within the freezer for a couple of half hour. Then, take it out and slam the grinder onto a tough flat floor like a desk a number of instances.

When you’ve given a couple of good slams, most of your kief will fall to the underside chamber. For any kief that didn’t discover its method to the underside, scraping the remaining kief off after freezing ought to be straightforward.

Freezing makes the kief goes from delicate and sticky to brittle. You’ll be shocked by the quantity of additional kief you get from this methodology. Once you’re all finished verify our article on four nice methods to utilize all that kief.

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