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How To Find Out Tincture Strength

Leafly tells us that SFV OG is 19% THC. This doesn’t imply that the weed we’ve got is 19%, because the THC ranges are pushed not simply be pressure genetics however by the rising situations. We’ll use 19% in our numbers nonetheless.

So, 19% of the load of the weed is THC.

Multiply the burden of the weed by the share of THC to get the entire quantity of THC.

28g x 19% = 5.32 grams.

If we ingest the entire ounce, we’ll get a complete of 5.32 grams of THC or 5320mg.

THC content material in tinctures and edibles is often measured in milligrams, or mg. There are a thousand milligrams in a gram.

Step 2: Determine quantity of THC in a single dropper full

Next, determine what number of milligrams in a single dose of the tincture.

A dose is normally 1 ml, an ordinary dropper (one squeeze) full.

We used 375 ml of grain alcohol.

For the math, we’re assuming that all of the THC was certain to the alcohol and 100% of the THC made its method into the tincture. You’ll notice that that is unlikely; our numbers are approximations.

Divide the quantity of THC by the quantity of solvent (we’re utilizing the Everclear 151 because the solvent).

5320 mg / 375 ml = 14.18 mg/ml

A single dropper dose, then, gives roughly 14 mg THC. You’ll observe that a regular single dropper is about 1 ml. You’ll get 30 drops to a 1 ml.

While we don’t have a lab to check the power of our tincture, this might be shut, however excessive. We dose as whether it is 10 mg per dropper. We made this Everclear 151 base tincture utilizing SFV OG. Put the tincture in 30ml brown bottles with dropper lids. Based on our power, as decided by the math, every bottle has 420 mg of THC.

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