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Learn How To Prune Your Marijuana Plants To Grow Huge Buds

Pruning is at all times completed by tomato farmers to extend the yield. The small shoots between the branches. The trunk are eliminated so all of the vitality is used to maximise fruit manufacturing. But in addition for marijuana plants it’s very efficient to take away these ineffective shoots so the plant can develop larger buds. Using this method you’re going to get a number of huge, exhausting and heavy buds as a substitute of many smaller ones.

Pruning is usually performed by skilled cannabis growers who desires to yield the utmost quantity of weed per sq. meter. Because there isn’t a vitality wasted on the small buds and small leaves the highest ones will develop larger and heavier. The highest buds can even get extra gentle as a result of they’re all at the identical peak.

Pruning ought to solely be accomplished through the vegetation stage as a result of the plant wants time to recuperate and develop large leaves. Wait at the very least three days after pruning earlier than forcing them into flower. Ensure that your marijuana plants are rising once more and drink sufficient water. Go simple on the fertilizers. Give them a number of days to get well. When you’ve got mastered this system. Do it at the best time it will certainly repay. No extra small. Fluffy buds. You’ll solely get large, exhausting, and heavy marijuana buds.

If you employ the SCROG (Screen of Green) technique you additionally need to prune your marijuana plants. Place a display screen at 50 cm above your plants. Take the highest out of each plant when it’s 10 centimeters from the display. Wait till the brand new tops develop by the display screen. Wait till they develop 10 centimeters by way of the display, gently bend them and join them to the display. Prune your marijuana plants after the primary shoots have grown via the display screen. Wait a couple of days. Force them into flowering. During the primary two weeks of the flowering part your marijuana plants will keep rising.

Combine the pruning and the SCROG method and you’ll develop 1 gram of marijuana per watt of mild. So when you have 1 600watt HPS bulb you need to be capable of develop 600 grams of cannabis. Temperature, humidity and different components additionally must be proper in fact.

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