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Colored Glass Beaker Base Ice Bong

The colorful and fun beaker base ice bong is decorated with Jeep-themed lettering and imagery and delivers frosty filtered hits. This solid piece measures 35cm/13.7 inches high and is made from 7mm thick, neon-colored glass. Brightly colored, the bong features an 18mm female joint, an interior-cut 18,8mm 14.5mm diffuser downstem and a 14.5mm male herbal bowl. Smoke is pulled through submerged slits on the diffuser downstem for cleaning and filtering before it exits through the rimmed lips. This results in smoke that tastes better and feels more pleasant to the palate. For a more pleasant hit, you can place some ice cubes into the tube’s lower portion. The extra long ice bong makes it ideal for large smoke sessions with your friends. If maintained properly, it will last many years. The affordable bong comes in four attractive neon colors: Yellow, Green, Red and Red. When placing an order, please choose your desired color from the options.

Yes. Yes! It can be used! What is the best way to store sugar glasses? If it’s in sheets, you should use it within the next few hours. It can warp over time. I usually just place the pieces into a ziplock bag, and then put them in my pantry. However, they can adhere to one another. What does sugar glass taste like? If you’ve ever had jolly rancher, sugar glass is very similar to it. It all depends on what flavor was used.

This will make the product more stable. This is an optional ingredient. Cream of tartar It helps convert sugar to fructose or glucose. You can also use flavored extracts. In a large pot, or in a deep skillet, combine sugar, liquid glucose, cream of tartar, and corn syrup. Although the sugar won’t bubble too much, it’s always good to have enough. This amount can be cooked in a medium pot. My dutch oven and stainless steel skillet were my go-to for this amount. Once the liquid sugar syrup is prepared, prepare the pan in which you will place it. A silicone mat is used to line a sheet pan. You can spray it lightly with some kitchen spray. It will still have some texture, which I love about my silicone mat. A substitute for the silicone mat is shortening. Place the pot onto the stovetop. Turn the heat to medium low and stir until the mixture boils. You should not heat the mixture too fast as it can caramelize. It won’t make a difference if the glass is dark. You want to heat the mixture until it reaches the hard crack stage, which can be anywhere from 290-300 F (145-150 C). Make sure your candy thermometer registers the right heat if you’re using one. The thermometer I use is quite old so it is difficult to read accurately. You can cease stirring once the sugar has boiled. Let it cool for another 10 to 15 minutes. It is ready when it turns slightly yellow. You can also test it by dropping a teaspoonful into some ice-cold boiling water. The mixture will immediately harden. It will be easy to see how it is breaking down. It may take a while to get it working.

This edible sugar glass recipe will make you laugh so hard! Although it looks and behaves just like glass, this edible sugar glass recipe is actually candy. A glass piece was thrown over someone’s head in a film. Maybe it was beer bottles or other types of broken glass. Perhaps you were able to see someone put the glass into their mouth, and then they began chewing on it. It’s possible that it was an edible sugar glass. You are a big fan of Breaking Bad. That show used blue sugar candy or rock candy. This is so much fun! It is simple to make. It can be used to make a wide variety of items, including movie props and bottles. You could also make edible stained-glass windows using royal icing. This is just a sample of the possibilities. If I can do it, you can do it. You only need to use a handful of everyday household items in order to create edible sugar glasses. There are no special ingredients. White granulated Sugar – This is sugar’s main ingredient. Liquid glucose – Corn syrup is used in order to prevent sugar crystals from forming again.

The whole process can take between 30-45 minutes. This is how it looks if it’s boiled too fast or long. The result will be an amber-colored liquid. You can use it in this stage. After the sugar has boiled to the right temperature, take it off the heat. Next, add your food coloring. Add any flavor extracts you wish to use. Mix them well. You need to stir them in quickly as the sugar will cool quickly. Be careful as the sugar syrup can be extremely hot. It can burn your skin if it is touched. This should only be done if you’re a teenager. Then, add the sugar to your pan. You don’t want it to break if someone hits it with it. If necessary, spread it around. Also, ensure that the pan is flat. Wait for it to harden. This usually takes about an hour. You can also pour hot sugar in silicone molds.

The silicone mat melts in the mouth very quickly. Use a silicone sheet pan or lightly spray with cooking spray. Place the pot on the stovetop. Turn the heat down to low. The mixture should be heated. Continue stirring until sugar mixture boils. Once it has boiled, you can cease stirring. Let the syrup cool to 290-300 F (hard crack stage). (145 to 150 C). It is safe to use a candy thermometer if it turns yellow before you start to test it. It can be checked by placing a teaspoonful of the candy in a bowl filled with ice-cold liquid. You will notice a difference in the texture. You can then check if it …


Cannabis-Infused Honey Recipe

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  • 1/4 cup white, granulated sugar

Click HERE to find out more or register. Registration is necessary for these events. The newly built “courthouse”, which was part of the Villa de Austin State Historic Site’s Villa de Austin exhibit, was set on fire by an arsonist. The Texas Historical Commission and the Friends of the THC are comitted to rebuilding this intergral part of the Villa de Austin exhibit over the next few months. We have received many requests from you to support this endeavor. You can help us rebuild this exhibit by contributing to the Villa de Austin Fire Recovery Campaign.

It pours clear, clear, and sparkling, with a golden-hued body and nearly two fingers of fluffy, white, bubbly head. Within a few minutes it recedes slowly, clogging the glass with lots of messy, sticky, and stringy lace. The final remnants are a patchy cap, as well as a large collar of soapy suds. It looks great. It has a pleasant aroma with a mix of citrusy and floral hops. There are also hints of bread and wheat grains. It is a very fine pale ale with a good balance of hop and malt flavours. I get wheaty bread, caramelized sweetness, and then citrusy orange and pink grapefruit notes. The finish is moderately bittersweet with light floral bitterness, spice hops and pine needles. The body is medium, and the carbonation levels are moderate. They gently touch the palate to add a bit of crispness. This pale ale has a very smooth mouthfeel. It’s tasty and simple to pour; the 5.7% alcohol content makes it difficult to consider it a session beer. However, I can see myself enjoying a couple of cans at a time. SweetWater’s 420 Extra is one of the more old school American-style pale ales on the market, and now that I’ve tried it, it’s not hard to see why it has been around for so long. Although it’s hoppier than most ales, the strong malt bill and Cascade and Centennial hop flavors are well balanced. The end result is an extremely drinkable beer that I will definitely be buying again. This beer would be my choice if I could choose between their IPA and this, although they are pretty similar in quality.

Jenny Martins Finally I get this ebook, thanks for all these Download Beyond Buds Marijuana Extracts Hash Vaping Dabbing Edibles And Medicines Pdf Pdf I can get now! Markus Jensen Although I was skeptical that it would work, my friend suggested this site to me. Michael Strebensen What is the deal with this amazing ebook? They are mad at me for having all these high-quality ebooks, but they don’t know why. Martin Borton Click the button to download and then complete an offer. You can try any survey that works for you, even if it takes only 5 minutes.

It is important to have the skills and knowledge to avoid these situations from ever happening. However, you must still know how to manage a situation such as this. The size of the party doesn’t matter when it comes to cannabis-infused dining experiences – it’s that simple. No matter how many people you are serving, it doesn’t matter if they are five or fifteen. It is important to identify tolerance and ensure accurate dosing. You will find this section helpful in guiding you through how to create an enjoyable dining experience that caters for all guests, no matter what size the event. There are extremes in every industry, and every product.

Before you infuse any recipes or serve any guests in a private or public setting, you must follow all food and beverage safety requirements and cannabis laws, based on the country and state you reside. This section details the “grey area” of the cannabis industry. Provides recommendations on how to prepare yourself as a Cannabis Chef. Just as the equipment a pitmaster needs to make the best brisket on the planet will be very different from a chocolatier, the equipment a professional cannabis chef utilizes will be different as well. This section will cover everything needed to infuse multiple courses safely and efficiently. There are many programs and certifications that help create a safe space around food and beverage, but unfortunately, that’s not the case for cannabis. In this section, you will learn how to identify the quality of various cannabis products, understand lab tests that determine some elements of safety, how to properly label and store cannabis infusions, and more. Aside from knowing how to make an accurately dosed cannabis infusion, identifying the tolerance of your guests is the most important aspect of being a cannabis chef. This section will help you determine the tolerance levels of each guest and then how to dole out cannabis infusions accordingly. Over 150 cannabinoids have been discovered throughout the various cannabis varieties, but only a handful are available to make infusions with at this time. It doesn’t matter if the cannabis cannabinoid was extracted from marijuana or hemp. What matters most is whether or not the cannabinoid has an intoxicating, or non-intoxicating, effect.

Will you be the cannabis chef that cooks with the whole plant. Makes every recipe taste like ganja? Will you finish your plates with perfectly dosed infusions of flavorless cannabis with pipettes or syringes and never touch the plants, leaves, flowers, or plant? Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, the knowledge you have on cannabis and the responsibility you have to ensure your guests are properly dosed, is ultimately what matters. What role does a Cannabis Chef play in the experience a guest has at an infused event? Are you able to alter the guests’ highs? You have the power to change everything, from the font of your menus to how you present the food. …


Who Are Diamond CBD?

Gummies have been a huge hit with me. These gummies taste amazing. They taste like candy. They are my only wish. Although I tried vaping, tinctures and other methods of inhalation, they were not my preferred method. No hassle, no mess, and no worries. Flavor: These gummies come in many different flavors! Double cherries, double cherries, watermelonsnakes and watermelon slices are all available. To find the one you love best, try a different variety each month. Gummies are easy to chew. Simply chew one. You can swallow it every single time. You can consume it up to twice a day. Therefore, you should only take as much of each product as is necessary. Diamond CBD that supplies the Yum Yum gummies ships to all portions of the USA through UPS. Unfortunately, there is no shipping. Prices vary depending on where you live, but shipping is free. You can return your order within 15 days. Who Are Diamond CBD? Yum Yum Gummies is sent a PotNetwork Holdings subsidiary, by Diamond CBD and provided.

Gummies are an excellent way of getting at an enjoyable manner effectively, easily and in a dose of CBD. Gummies are a great alternative to vaping and tinctures. Gummies are easy to search and there is no need for you to measure the doses. These oils are made in America. Are infused with CBD oil that’s derived from m Industrial Hemp. Gummies are safe. Yum Yum Gummies are Created by Diamond CBD. The organization’s key purpose is in exploring and developing innovative and new CBD products from berry extracts and also making them available. Also, their team have scientists and doctors and intentions to generate the purest and finest CBD products without undermining their quality.

All of their products, including their Yum Yum Gummies, are made and monitored around with lab-tested 100% natural CBD extracts. They source their CBD out of non-GMO organic hemp plants. They also work with farmers in Kentucky, Colorado and Scandinavia. Their CBD oil that is pure is obtained by them via extraction, which is the gentlest method of extracting the oil whilst retaining as many beneficial molecules from the hemp plants as possible. All extracts of CBD are tested in their laboratories. It ensures that all CBD products are consistent in quality and craftsmanship. From the growth of plants, to manufacturing and distribution of merchandise at the end, the lab technicians closely supervise this process. Yum Yum Yum Gummies can be made in a few minutes. There are many varieties. I have tried several. There are many other options. Yum Yum Yum Gummies products are available in more than 30 flavors. They can be used to make teddy bears in a variety of shapes, from sweet to salty. A Yum Yum CBD Gummies merchandise is out there that will suit you. I eat one gummy each day with my lunch. It’s a good thing, as long as I can fit it into my morning routine. There are six to one gummies that you can consume each day, depending on your individual needs. It’s important to find a routine that works for you. A half-hour before you go to sleep can be helpful if you are having trouble sleeping.

This process is subject to much discussion and debate. However, there are very few scientific studies that can prove the best. The only real way to prove the safety, consistency and potency of your cannabis products is to have them lab tested. Forewarning: There will be a very strong odor of cannabis during this process. Use parchment paper to line an oven-safe baking dish or a rimmed baking tray. Breaking up cannabis buds into smaller pieces by hand, place the material in the dish close together but not stacked on one another (the less unused space the better). Bake for 20 to 30 minutes depending on how fresh the cannabis buds are. The plant’s color will change from a light brown to a medium-brown shade. The material should look crumbly when it’s time to take out of the oven.

Set plant material aside. Allow it to cool down before handling. The oven should be heated to 240°F / 115°C. When the cannabis is cooled, lightly crumble by hand and distribute evenly over the bottom of the dish. Place aluminum foil on the dish, seal it with a crimping tool and bake for another 45-60 minutes. Continue baking for another 45-60 minutes for higher THC and 60-90 minutes for higher CBD. Allow the foil to cool completely in the oven before taking it out. It may not need further processing, depending on what material was used. If not, you can place the material in a food processor or blender, pulsing the cannabis until it is coarsely ground. You don’t want to grind it too fine. You can store the material in an airtight container, glass preferred.

THCA and CBDA accumulate in the secretory cavity of the glandular trichomes, which largely occur in female flowers and in most aerial parts of the plants. The concentration of these compounds depends on the variety of cannabis and its growth, harvesting and storage conditions. When locked in their acidic forms, THCA and CBDA are not bioavailable to the body’s cannabinoid receptors. Occurring either naturally within the plant, or upon “decarboxylation” (heating the plant material), these acids are non-enzymatically decarboxylated into their corresponding neutral forms (THC and CBD). THCA is non-psychoactive (meaning it does not produce mind and body altering effects). If you want to achieve the full psychoactive effects of your butters, fats, oils, sugars or alcohols, decarboxylating the plant material to convert the THCA to THC prior to infusion is essential. Temperature control is key. Times is critical when cooking with cannabis. Heating cannabis also converts THC to CBN. At about 70% decarboxylation, THC is converted to CBN at a faster rate than the THCA is converted to THC. CBN concentrations higher than 70% will have more sedative properties. Studies show cannabidiol (CBD) has tremendous medical potential, especially in …


How To Cook With Cannabis Complete Cooking With Weed Guide

2) The taste would be terrible if it wasn’t prepared properly. Intake of marijuana can result in a negative experience due to the taste, or worse, total rejection. Your inability to digest the marijuana plant matter. It’s possible that your blood pressure won’t rise even slightly. What can an avid foodie do? Don’t give up! Don’t settle for prepackaged, store-bought pot brownies. Never. Five sexy words can solve this problem. Your local dispensary may have dried your bud prior to you buying it. The term Kief refers to the terpenes. The trichomes are separated from the cannabinoids during the grinding process. The kief, which is the purest and most potent portion of marijuana, is used as an ingredient in everything, from blunts to bongs, vape pen to hookah oil, to vaporizers and vape pens. Mixing the kief with dry, decarboxylated, and cured marijuana ensures that it does not get dilute. But when you grind your weed before using it, you separate the kief from the plant matter. This gives you a 100% pure and legal, psychoactive or medicinal substance. You can use this kief in many ways. When it comes to making edibles, you can add the kief to the cannabis infusion (see next section) or sprinkle it directly in with the ingredients for an added kick. You’ll be able to get more bang for your buck if the kief is included in any edible that you make. You can now mix and match ingredients to create your own edible. That involves creating a cannabis infusion that is easy to measure into any recipe that tickles your fancy.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a recipe that doesn’t include “pot” in it. Most recipes that use butter or oil are for common food items. These ingredients are often used in processing other ingredients, such as frying and sauteing, even though they don’t appear directly in the mixture. This is why making a cannabis butter or infusion of cannaoil can be more flexible than trying to find a way to incorporate marijuana into your favourite cookie recipe. The most practical is the first. Heat the butter and water together in a large or medium saucepan. Stir until butter is melted. Let the mixture simmer for five hours. Stir once every 90 minutes. It should not boil. You may have to adjust the water level. It is important that the water does not boil. Line the strainer with cheesecloth. Pour the mixture into a bowl. You can press the cheesecloth down to extract butter from the bowl. You might mix 1/4 cup of regular butter with 1/2 cup cannabutter to get the desired 0.001 grams. It is important to determine the potency of all your ingredients. JeffThe420Chef has a great online calculator to help you figure out the potency of your ingredients. Ingesting marijuana can have very strong effects. If you do not get the ratios correct, it could lead to excessive potency. This can be reduced by taking certain precautions. Grapefruit juice and lemons can be used to reduce the severity of this condition. Oranges may help reduce the side effects of excessive THC. Pine nuts can be good for your health. Inhale the pine nuts, but don’t swallow! To clear your head, essential pine oil is a good option. You can try again if you have a negative experience with the recipe. It is best to consume less marijuana than you are able to chew. You can grind your cannabis before adding it to a recipe. butter or oil), can dissolve more of the trichomes, which are where the bulk of the cannabinoids (and other compounds) in the cannabis.

Grinding your weed before cooking also creates another benefit: kief. In the next section, we’ll discuss kief a little more. This is how to grind marijuana for best results. Break your decarboxylated weed into smaller pieces. It will be necessary to place it into your grinder. It is important to not place it in the middle or back of your grinder. This is where pivots are located. Put the lid onto the grinder. Turn it around until you get rid of the resistance. Tap the grinder gently on a flat surface, or in your palm. This will dislodge the ground cannabis from the grinding teeth and make it easier to get to. A four-piece grinder, which you should have, will push more cannabis through the bottom chamber to make it easier for you to reach. Now you can separate the grinder. You can now separate the grinder from its collector chamber. Use a spoon, or another hard-scoop to scoop out the cannabis. The ground cannabis should be set aside for the next stage. You can see the amount of cannabis you have collected in the grinder’s bottom chamber if you’ve already ground a lot of marijuana for baking. This too can be used in your edible recipe. Many times kief has been mentioned in this article. What is kief?

In case you missed it, these are five very sexy words we used in the section on decarboxylate. (Decarboxylate is five words…it’s not a joke, but you’ll have to tell it). The effects of smoking marijuana are stronger than those obtained by inhaling it. The effects can last up to 6 hours, which is more than the average time it takes to smoke. It is important to not get frustrated and consume more bud to speed up the process due to its slow start time. This will lead to problems when the ganja kicks in. You can start small, and then increase the quantity to get the desired high. Contrary to popular belief, cannabis does not go straight into cookies, brownies or waffles. Like other products, cannabis must be first processed. Because 1) Raw marijuana is not psychoactive as the body can’t digest it in the way necessary to deliver the THC into your bloodstream.

Allow the wine to ferment in barrels and other containers. It will impart a flavor and smoothness to …


Santa Barbara County Commercial Cannabis Regulations

1.575 acres are in unincorporated areas. New applications will not be reviewed by the Office. The Office will not accept new fees payments until further notice. County Code Chapter 50 Section 50-7, Limits on Cannabis Business Licenses, allows for NO MORE THAN 1,575 acres of cannabis cultivation, nurseries, and microbusinesses with cultivation to be licensed at any one time within the entire unincorporated areas of Santa Barbara County outside the Carpinteria Agricultural Overlay District. The applicants have submitted an Accela application for a business licence and all fees/deposits. On February 27, 2018, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors adopted a series of ordinances that regulate commercial cannabis operations within the County’s unincorporated area. The ordinances categorize cannabis operations into eight permit types, and allow each license type in certain zones throughout the County’s unincorporated area. On May 1, 2018, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors adopted the Cannabis Business License Ordinance, which added a local commercial cannabis business license to the County Code, added an acreage limit of 186 acres to the Carpinteria Agricultural Overlay District, and a limit of 8 retail licenses for the County. Where and how you can start a commercial cannabis operation depends on which zone your parcel is located in. All applicants, regardless of permit type or state licensing authority, require temporary licenses from the State of California. Receive email notifications whenever new information becomes available. Receive email alerts when new information becomes available from the County regarding its cannabis permitting and licensing process. Click the link to sign up. Send us an email with your comments.

MARIJUANA SEEDS 12 starting at $35 BUY ONE GET ONE FREE, 12, NOT 6, FEMINIZED SEEDS ONLY $39. Feminized Marijuana seeds guarantee only female plants. They produce larger, more ripe buds and a longer average flowering period of 8 weeks. MARIJUANA SEEDS ORDERS ARE IN PLAIN BUBBLE WRAP PACKING, WITH NO SENDER INFO ON THE OUTSIDE. They are sent via express Royal Mail “Stealth” delivery without a signature. U.S.A., and worldwide. US DOLLARS, OR PAY IN YOUR OWN COUNTRIES EQUAL. Number 1. The No. 1 question that we get asked most often is “Why so cheap?” The following packs contain not feminized Marijuana seeds (regular), and 12 or 6 seeds. Wholesale prices are available for Marijuana Seeds or Feminized Marijuana Seeds. They come directly from the source from an award-winning Dutch breeder. All of our Marijuana Seeds & Feminized Marijuana Seeds have been grown organically without any added amino acid. Marijuana Seeds grown organically without any artificial lighting are used. Marijuana seeds for sale are an exceptional investment. We have no designer labelling. We do not ship Marijuana seeds prepackaged by machines. Each order is carefully weighed and chosen by hand. You will receive healthy, undamaged seeds. We deliver quickly. We ship discreetly worldwide

No matter what you decide to use edibles or low-quality bud (eg mids and regs), the end product will be of poor quality. It may have tasted good or been smoked well but it will not produce the same quality of your psychoactive and medicinal effects. You want to make sure that you get the highest quality bud possible when making edibles and rolling a joint. This is the key to exceptional marijuana experiences, regardless of whether you smoke it or not.

It’s not surprising that you are curious about edibles and smoking. While edibles and smoking are well-known, many people still have questions about them. Honest Marijuana’s experts have created this comprehensive guide to edibles. The chemistry of THC (we’ll keep it simple, we promise). Decarboxylation is crucial. What are the differences between smoking and edibles? This is the best way to approach edibles. The best approach to edibles.

Keep in mind that the boiling point for THC is 314 degrees Fahrenheit. You should not heat your buds to high temperatures. You should be able to determine the inside temperature of your oven. Oven temperatures vary widely. 2. Break, tear, or grind the weed into small pieces, making sure not to overlap on the pan. 3. 3. Cook until the mixture is golden brown, about 30-40 minutes. 4. Take out pan from the oven. Let cool. Take out pan from the oven. Remove pan from oven. Put the toasted cannabis in a food processor. Pulverize until fine. After that, you’re free to add a dash of cannabis to your favorite recipes. As you learned above (or have experienced for yourself), when you smoke cannabis, the effects are almost instantaneous and can reach their peak in a matter of minutes. You have more control over how much you smoke, what the effects are, and even the way they feel. You can always take more if you feel the dose is not sufficient. You can also stop if you are feeling too high. This makes it much simpler to determine the correct dosage. It can also be difficult to find edibles. It all goes back to how the THC gets into your system. Each person’s metabolism and digestion is different. Some are faster than others, while some slow down, while some are slower. There’s nothing wrong with any of those, it just means that you may process the THC at a different rate than your friend. You may experience the effects in a matter of hours, but it could take her up to an hour. This is due to the delay in effects between people and the slow onset. Those consuming marijuana in edibles may get impatient.

You’ll also need less to get the high-quality organic strains like Honest Marijuana. You only need a couple of bites or tokes of high-quality cannabis to get the effects you want. And unless this is your first time consuming a cannabis product, you know that different strains produce different effects. We encourage you to try different strains in your edibles. If you have the opportunity to get one, try a sativa or an indica strain. You can even get specific and opt for one of the …


THC Talent Solutions – Staff For Marijuana Industry

There are more than a dozen potential states where recreational marijuana could be legalized by 2016. Several states may also legalize medical marijuana between now and 2016! This is the perfect time to get involved in this growing market. Companies are currently hiring, and there is plenty of opportunity. Our industry contacts and experience allow us to help clients find the best candidates to support their businesses. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and dedicated to promoting diversity in the workplace, and as a result we encourage anyone interested in pursuing a career in cannabis to submit a resume.

"cbd edibles"
THC TALENT SOLUTIONS IS THE INDUSTRY LEADER IN TALENT ACQUISITION. MARIJUANA INDUSTRY STAFFING. WE PROVIDE FULL TIME TALENT AND CONTINGENT TALENT FOR ALL MARIJUANA BUSINESSES IN THE U.S. OUR CLIENTS INCLUDE RETAIL, WHOLESALE, MEDICAL, PHARMACEUTICAL, PRIVATE AND PUBLIC COMPANIES LOOKING FOR TOP TALENT. FROM BUD TENDERS TO DISPENSARY MANAGERS, MARIJUANA AB DIRECTORS TO CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERS, THC TALENT SOLUTIONS IS YOUR NATIONWIDE STAFFING AND RECRUITING PARTNER AND WILL ENSURE YOUR HIRING IS SUCCESSFUL AND COMPLIANT WITH ALL CURRENT STATE AND FEDERAL REGULATIONS. OUR TRACK RECORD AND EXPERIENCE DEMONSTRATE THAT WE CARE ABOUT OUR TALENT AND OUR CLIENTS. WE WANT THEM BOTH to be successful. We recruit talent at all levels, from entry-level bud tenders to executive and management C-level talent , and we help a wide range of businesses in the cannabis industry: retail dispensaries and stores, wholesale organizations, and sales and marketing businesses that serve the marijuana industry. Both permanent and contingent staff are available for direct hire. THC Talent Solutions is operated and managed by an executive leadership team with over 25 years of experience in the staffing and recruitment industry. We have partners who work with both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. They are well known for providing top talent. We care about your business as much as we care about our business and are here to support all your hiring needs as your cannabis business grows and expands into the future. America’s next big industry is marijuana. Nearly two dozen states have already legalized medical cannabis, while only two other states currently allow recreational use. Soon, Oregon and Alaska will have legal recreational marijuana industries.

Two main methods can be used to heat-treat flour to make edible cookies. You can microwave the flour at high heat until it reaches about 165°F. You can check the temperature with an instant-read thermometer. Once it reaches 165F, stir it in to your cookie dough as normal. Another method is heating the flour in an oven. Bake the flour on a parchment-covered baking sheet at 300°F for 2 minutes, then check the temperature every two minutes until it reaches 160°F.

They were rare and new products that could only be found on select markets. While live resins still carry a premium over other concentrate products in price, they are now much cheaper and available at most dispensaries. Live resins can cost as low as $20-30 per gram. But they can go up to $50 for the highest quality. What makes live resins unique? There are slight differences in the consistency of live resins. Some can look more like syrups or sugars than others. Viscosity can be affected by the amount of terpenes present in live resins. Some only have lighter terpenes like pinene or myrcene.

Because not all terpenes are captured in some extraction methods, variations can occur. You can mechanically alter concentrates after extraction, for example, when the saps are made into butters. This creates different consistency. From where did the live resin come? Live resin is relatively new to the cannabis concentrate scene. The humble beginnings of live resin can be traced back to 2011, 2013 and a few Colorado growers. William Fenger (also known as Kind Bill) and EmoTek Labs founder Giddy Up were the first to extract live resin by creating a special BHO extractor that can maintain the extremely low temperatures required for live resin production. They were able preserve the terpenes and flavor as well as aroma throughout the process. Live resin vs. live rosin vs. Live resin is created by putting frozen cannabis plants through a solvent extraction, which uses a chemical such as butane or propane. The solventless live rosin uses heat and pressure, often through a press to extract trichomes.

Of the many different types of cannabis concentrates or extractions, live resin is relatively new to the cannabis world. It has become popular among consumers and producers alike-it preserves the flavors and aromas of the living plant better than other cannabis extractions and is cheaper and easier to make. The most desirable live resins have more complex terpene profiles and deliver more complicated experiences. What exactly is live resin? Cannabis concentrates are often named or described by their textures or consistencies: some are hard and brittle, like shatter; some waxy; and some like sauce. The live resin concentrate is more malleable and sits somewhere in between wax and sauce. It’s not quite as wet but still manageable. Although it is usually dark yellow, the color can change from white to light yellow. Like all cannabis concentrates, it is extremely sticky, so you’ll need a dab tool to handle it. The potency of live resins is high, with lots of THC. It’s also popular because it has intense aromas and flavors that carry on from the original cannabis Get More Information plant. Live resin distinguishes itself from other types of cannabis concentrates because it is created with fresh frozen cannabis-plants that are frozen immediately after being cut down at harvest.

The plants are frozen during extraction and do not need to be dried, cured, or trimmed. The drying and curing processes that cannabis plants usually go through can have a devastating impact on terpenes, the plant’s flavor and aroma compounds. Terpenes can be found in the trichomes that cover cannabis plants and their surrounding leaves. The plant loses moisture and chlorophyll during drying and curing. These can cause trichomes exposure to light, heat, …


Information To Dabbing Marijuana, Oils And Wax

The process of dabbing may be quite foreign to people who are used to smoking cannabis flowers. Dabbing not only requires unique equipment that you probably don’t just have laying around the house, but it even requires you to acquire cannabis concentrates that you might not otherwise be acquainted with. When it comes down to what we should think about when dabbing, there is much confusion. While some of the discrepancies can be attributed to subjective experience, others are due to bad information. This guide will give you a comprehensive and honest look into the world of dabbing, and all the various concentrates that can be used. What is Dabbing? What’s a Dab? The user uses a blow torch to heat the base of the nail, or dab. Temperature of the nail should be between 350 and 375 degrees. After heating the nail, users place a small amount of concentrate onto their steel dab tools. Then they inhale through the rig. Dabbing is a little like vaping in that the way the cannabis is heated is designed to vaporize the THC present on marijuana, oils, or wax. To make things even more easy on the lungs, that vapor is then passed through a pipe called a “rig”. All of this is wonderful, but it requires a more complex process than just rolling a joint. You should start slowly, as dabs can pack a huge punch. Although dabbing may be one of the most popular methods of smoking cannabis, there are many important distinctions that make it different from other options. THC content is perhaps one of the most important. Premium dispensary grade flower tends to feature a THC level that maxes out at around 16% (though it is certainly possible to find more potent strains).

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This stage is crucial because of the potential for serious injury if an oil rig is not used correctly. Place your finger about 5 inches from the nail to determine if it has been heated properly. The nail should feel hot but not too warm. You should not heat the nail too quickly if it turns red or smokes. Wait at least 20 seconds before you place the concentrate onto the surface. Next, you should find it easy. Start to slowly inhale by applying the dab to the nail. You will be able to exhale when you have completed your first dab. You now know a lot about the history of dabbing. But what about the benefits? What are the risks? The risks? Dabbing can be considered as a non-smoking method of using cannabis. When your dab rig is used correctly, the nail vaporizes the THC without actually combusting it and then filters the vapor through the water to ensure that the substance going into your lungs is at least relatively clean. However, dab rigs can sometimes get too hot and cause combustion instead of pure vaporization. It is usually easy to tell whether your dab has combusted by one of the following methods.

This recipe is perfect with mini chocolate chips. Mini chips make the dough more enjoyable to eat cold. You can add nuts or sprinkles to the dough, or you could dip it with graham crackers. PREHEAT the oven to 300°F. Place parchment paper on a baking sheet. Spread the flour evenly over parchment paper. The flour should be baked for about 5-7 minutes. Make sure the flour does not get too hot. The flour should be taken out of the oven. Let it cool completely before you use it in the recipe. Second step: Use a standing mixer or large bowl with a hand mixer to cream the butter, light brown sugar, granulated sugars, and vanilla extract. The butter mixture should be mixed until fluffy. THIRD STEP – Slow down the mixer speed and add 2 tablespoons heavy cream.

The magnetic snap-on magnet mouthpiece is the first. This is a unique feature of the Zeus wax pen. You can access your coils quicker with the magnetic snap-on jawpiece. This makes it easier to load your Zeus wax pen. This allows you to scoop out your wax concentrates without needing to attach the mouthpiece. You don’t have to twist your device as much, which can be annoying. It also prevents the accumulation of melted wax concentrates that can get in the crevices and cracks of threaded connections. Zeus also has ceramic donut coils. Ceramic has a reputation for being able to maintain the material’s flavor and properties at a steady temperature.

The wax pen can be used to increase the length of your mouthpiece. It not only hides and extends the mouthpiece, but also allows for a longer path for the vapor. You can give your vapors more cooling time, which leads to better vapor output. It can leak if it is not properly packed. Yocan Dive Mini was the precursor to the Yocan Dive Vaporizer. This wax pen doubles up as a nectar collector. You can customize your session with four different modes. It comes with a 400mAh battery, making it ideal for everyday use. The mouthpiece allows for water filtration and moisture conditioning, something that is rare in wax pens. The Yocan Dive Mini produces smooth, clean vapors from the start. Yocan Dive Mini also comes with the brand’s new XTAL coils, which help to make the vapours flavorful and smooth. The Yocan Dive Mini can be used both as a pen and as a collector of nectar. The Dive Mini can be used as either a wax pen, or an electronic honey straw. This allows you to enjoy small amounts of concentrates and dabs in larger quantities. The Yocan Dive Mini has preset temperatures that let you customize your session according to your preferences. The Yocan Dive Mini is currently the most popular on-the-go wax pen, and it’s not hard to see why. The pen is small, measuring just over 8 inches when the glass attachment is attached and 5 inches when the standard mouthpiece is attached. You can …


How To Make Mouth-watering Weed Cookies?

To get a new taste of marijuana, people always try different things. Thus, there are a lot of ways to consume cannabis, and cannabis edibles are so popular among weed consumers. There are many recipes available today. There are many edibles that you can make to get high. Do you want to find how to make weed cookies fast. You will need minimal effort. Here is high times cookie recipe with all the cannabis cookies nuances mentioned. What should I know before cooking cannabis cookies? What amount of cannabis do you require for your cookies? What should I know before cooking cannabis cookies? Before you start to heat up the oven to bake cannabis cookies, here are some things that you should know. These are the most important. So, first and foremost, you should choose the strain of cannabis you’re going to use for the future edibles – cookies with cannabis. You have a choice of about fifteen strains that offer different effects. You have to decide what effects you want. Learn about the Sativa, Indica, and hybrid cannabis strains to choose the one for your mood. After that, you need to decide if you’re going to make cannabutter or cannabis oil cookies or use cannabis flour. However, you are to decarboxylate your cannabis. This process can take several hours.

  1. Candy Molds are molds that make it easy to remove gummies from the candy.
  2. It is how often it you use
  3. Natural mint flavor
  4. The cracker of your choice
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AISI Type 420 is a martensitic stainless steel that provides increased strength and hardness relative to Type 410, with moderate corrosion resistance. Both the annealed and unannealed versions are magnetic. Conditions that are hardened. The fully hardened condition or the one that has been stress-relieved is best for maximum corrosion resistance. The high carbon content can lead to the formation of chromium-carbide compounds. These are extremely wear resistant and retain their edge when hardened. Due to the rapid softening of the alloy and its loss of corrosion resistance, it is not recommended that they be used above 800°F (427°C). A higher carbon variant, Type 420HC, can be used when higher hardness is desired.

Modern silicone water pipes are equipped with glass bowls. Cleaning them is as simple as placing them in the dishwasher. The world of artistic and decorative heady glass has been a dominant topic in functional glass searches over the past few decades. Heady glass is a type of pipe that places artistic skills and the use of materials above basic functions. These extraordinary glass creations combine technical skill and imagination in astonishing ways. There are weed pipes are functional glass pieces that you can use to smoke, and there is also non-functional glass that is purely artistic. Functional glass art has been relatively recent and is still being embraced by consumers. Still, between cannabis legalization, rescheduling, and the explosion of social media, functional heady glass art has found its place.

Acrylic water pipes have a price advantage. Acrylic bongs can be manufactured for much cheaper than most similarly sized glass bongs. Be sure when cleaning an acrylic bong, you use the proper bong cleaner that will not deteriorate or destroy the bong. Ceramic bongs have been around for thousands of years. These basic containers held water and had a bowl inside. There has been a Renaissance of ceramic bong makers in the 2000s. Smaller companies have brought back the art of ceramic water pipe manufacturing, making high-end bongs that are just as useful as a collector’s art piece. When talking about contemporary bongs, silicone is at the forefront of the industry. Silicone bongs have only been around for a few years, but they have begun to dominate the market. The obvious benefit of silicone bongs is they won’t break if you drop them. You can bend them. They can be bent with minimal to no damage. You have two options: silicone or glass down stems.

Ask your local smoke shop about it when you speak with them. If you are shopping online, make sure you check the information underneath the product. Using a bong is like using any other tool. It is very easy to follow the instructions. Fill the bong with water. The water should be able to submerge the downstem, but not enough for bubbling. Blend your herbs. Your bowl should be filled. After you have filled your bowl, insert it into the water pipe. Next prepare your herbs. Once your herbs are lit, place your mouth over the mouthpiece to start pulling smoke from the bowl into the bong. When you’ve gotten enough smoke, take the bowl out of the bong to reveal the carb and clear the chamber. Although the exact steps will vary depending on which piece you are using, this should be enough to get you started. The new experience of smoking with water pipes is significantly easier. There are many water pipes on the market. This guide will help you make an informed decision about water pipes when adding your first waterpiper to your collection. Bongs & Water Pipes have been popular for decades to provide a smooth deep smoking experience. In ancient times bongs were made from ceramic, bone, and even wood. Glass is the most popular material for modern water pipes.

You can buy an individual bowl or a set that suits your specific needs. Now that we’ve covered the different types of bongs and the many features that may be equipped with your water pipe, we have to cover the final and most important topic: materials. Glass is the most popular material for bongs. Glass doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals while smoking. That it preserves the flavor as it travels through every component of your bong. The only disadvantages of choosing a glass bong over other materials are that they can be more difficult to clean, they’re generally more expensive, and they can easily break if you’re not careful …


Barnyardgrass // Mizzou WeedID

An annual that can reach up to 5 feet tall, this summer perennial is thick with stems. One of the few grass weeds in which ligules are absent. Found throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico as a weed of many agronomic crops, nurseries, landscape, and turf. The seeds are free from hairs, auricles and ligules and are usually tinted at the base with red or maroon. The shoot is rolled in and smooth without any ligules. The length of the leaves can vary from 4-20 inches and they may measure 5-30mm in width. The midvein of leaves is distinct and white. It becomes keeled towards the base potions. There may be a few hairs at the base of leaves. They are usually thick and erect. The terminal panicle is the seedhead. It can be anywhere from 4-16 inches long. The panicles can be purple or green in color. They are composed of spikelets which may form a terminal awn that is 2-10 mm in length (picture to right). A fibrous root system. Because of their similarities in growth habits and appearance, Fall Panicum and Barnyardgrass can often be confused before seedhead formation. However, the characteristic absent ligule of barnyardgrass helps to distinguish this weed from most other grasses in both the seedling and mature stage of growth.

Bong then added actor to his list of many talents with a small part as a teacher in socially-awkward comedy “Crush and Blush” (2008) and joined Michel Gondry and Leos Carax as director in the “Tokyo!” (2008) tritych with “Shaking Tokyo”, the touching story about a lonely woman who falls for a delivery girl. Bong’s next full-length effort, “Mother” (2009), a gripping forensic-procedural drama based on a doting mother’s struggle to prove her murder suspect son’s innocence, was in a different style from its predecessors but still attracted Korean audiences in droves. Following a cameo in sci-fi anthology “Doomsday Book” (2012), Bong embraced English-language cinema for the first time with the post-apocalyptic fantasy “Snowpiercer” (2013), an adaptation of French graphic novel Le Transperceneige, for which he garnered near universal acclaim for his typically boundary-pushing style.

Tokyo: 76% is the lowest rated! One of South Korea’s most acclaimed 21st century film-makers, writer, producer and director Bong Joon-ho broke box-office records in his homeland with crime drama “Memories of Murder” (2003) and monster movie “The Host” (2006) before making his mark on English-language cinema with the spectacular sci-fi fantasy “Snowpiercer” (2013). Born in Daegu, South Korea in 1969, Bong grew up in an artistic family where he immersed himself in the films of Edward Yang, Hou Hsiao-hsien and Shohei Imamura and after studying for a sociology degree at Yonsei University, attended a two-year course at the Korean Academy of Film Arts. After graduating, Bong received screenwriting credits on “Seven Reasons Why Beer is Better Than a Lover”, a four-part drama called “Motel Cactus,” and was also an assistant director for the action thriller “Phantom: The Submarine.” (1999). Having previously honed his craft on short films “White Man” (1994), “Memories In My Frame” (1994) and “Ji-ri-myeol-lyeol” (1994), Bong eventually made his feature-length directorial debut with the self-penned “Barking Dogs Never Bite” (2000), a dark comedy about a university lecturer who abducts a neighbor’s pet, which became a slow-burning word-of-mouth success. Adapted from Kim Kwang-rim’s stage play about a real-life elusive serial killer who terrorised a rural town in the 1980s, “Memories of Murder” (2003) saw Bong write and direct the biggest Korean box-office draw of the year, with its success later credited as saving one of its production companies, Sidus Pictures, from bankruptcy. Bong then contributed to the 20-part omnibus film “Twentidentity” (2003) with “Sink and Rise,” a precursor to his next feature-length effort set alongside the Han River, and the “Digital Short Films By Three Directors” (2004) series with “Influenza,” a half-hour tale of a desperate man’s descent into violent crime shot entirely on CCTV. After adding to his list of screenwriting credits with “Antarctic Journal” (2005), a psychological thriller about an expedition to reach the pole of inaccessibility, Bong achieved his international breakthrough with “The Host” (2006), a relatively big-budget blockbuster about a monster which wreaks havoc on a dysfunctional family that also became the highest-grossing film in South Korean history.

Blue Monster Automatic is a high-performing choice. Her ruderalis genes make her easy to grow and are very rewarding. She can be harvested in as little as two weeks. Sticky Beast Automatic, and the feminized Purple Punch are two other beginner strains. Both can be grown quickly and are easy to maintain. How Are Cannabis Seeds Grown? You can use a variety of techniques to grow cannabis seeds. Methods used to grow cannabis. There are many options for home growing. While your preferences and limitations will determine how you plant seeds, there are still many things to think about. If you are unsure how to go about it, Zamnesia has a lot of helpful information. This is a hotly debated subject amongst experienced cannabis growers. Although you can easily grow cannabis seeds, most people prefer clones because they have already begun to grow and are likely to last a longer time.

Clones are more likely to germinate than seeds. Clones, however, are at risk of not rooting. Online seeds can be easily obtained, while clones are more difficult to find unless someone is willing to give some cuttings. It is up to your preference and resources whether you prefer growing from seeds or from clones. You may find it tempting to plant the seeds straight into the soil and just hope that they germinate. It’s a good idea to look at other methods to increase your chance of successful germination. Three key ingredients are required for successful germination: heat, moisture and air. These three elements will enable your seeds to start their journey of growth in the most efficient way. There are many germination methods available, including the glass of water or the paper towel. However, germination kits will give your seeds …


How To Make Cannabutter For Edibles

Place the tray in the oven. The oven should be on for between 30-40 minutes. Older, drier cannabis may require less time. Gently mix the cannabis with a gentle shake on the tray every 10 minutes to evenly expose all of its surface areas. Grind. Grind the decarboxylated cannabis coarsely with a hand grinder. The butter should be melted. In a saucepan or stockpot, combine 1 cup water with 1 cup butter. Allow to simmer on low heat. Allow the butter to melt. The temperature can be controlled by adding water. This prevents butter from burning. Add the cannabis. As the butter begins to melt, add in your coarsely ground cannabis product. Allow to simmer. Let the mixture simmer on low heat for at least 2 hours. Stir occasionally. It should not come to a boil. Strain the cannabutter. Place a funnel in a jar. Line it with cheesecloth. After the butter cools, place it on the cheesecloth funnel. Let it drain freely. The butter jar should be refrigerated. You can drain any excess water from the jar by using a knife. Do not overdose. Before adding butter to your favorite snacks, desserts, and dishes, please refer to the dosing information. Grind your cannabis coarsely with a hand grinder. Your slow cooker should be set to low or at 160°F. Tip: Keep your slow cooker at 160oF or less to avoid burning and wasting cannabinoids. To prevent burning, you can add some water. Mix the butter. Ground cannabis. Turn off your crockpot after 3 hours and let the butter cool. The potency of the butter depends on many things, including how hot and long it was cooked. Even the type of cannabis used (indica vs. To test the potency of your finished product, try spreading 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon on a snack and see how that dose affects you after an hour. You can adjust the dose to suit your needs. This personalized dose can be used as the baseline in your recipe. For more information on why potency is so difficult to measure in homemade cannabis edibles, check out part four of this series.

Cannabis-infused butter (cannabutter) is one of the simplest. Most common ways to make infused cannabis edibles. Making infused butter is a bit more difficult. To activate the psychoactive properties of the flowers, they must first be slowly heated at low temperatures. This recipe will first guide you through this process-called decarboxylation-before walking you through a step-by-step guide to infusing butter. It is very hard to precisely dose homemade edibles. This guide will give you some tips for more precise dosing, but all DIY cannabis cooks should be aware that there’s no way to guarantee the potency or homogeneity of their batch. Butter is a delicious and versatile carrier for THC and other cannabinoids, although it isn’t the only one. For your infusions, you can use olive oil, coconut oil or other fatty oils. Keep in mind that butter can burn easily so be careful when you are making your cannabutter. Before making your cannabutter, you’ll need to decarboxylate, or “decarb”, the cannabis flower you’re working with. This step is essential to ensure that your finished product does not become inactive or weak. Here’s why: Cannabis buds produce a non-intoxicating acidic cannabinoid called THCA. When we smoke or vaporize cannabis, the heat converts THCA into THC, the molecule that delivers euphoric effects. If preparing CBD edibles, this same process should be applied. Some recipes may instruct you to decarb cannabis in the hot butter directly, but the less time you spend soaking the buds, the better your infused butter is going to taste. We recommend that you decarb cannabis in the oven before cooking. Decarb the cannabis. Pre-heat the oven to 245°F Place cannabis buds on a non-stick, oven-safe tray. To prevent the cannabis buds from sticking, cover the tray with parchment paper.

It is ideal for children aged six to 18 months, as well as toddlers and other children more inclined than others to put paint-covered fingers in their mouths. This paint is great for babies’ first painting experience, especially if they aren’t sure if the paint will be eaten by them. It is easy to make this homemade edible paint recipe. You can use regular household items. The paint is safe to be put in the mouths of children, but it’s not very tasty. It is not tasty enough to be discouraged from eating. This paint isn’t sweet nor sticky. It has a beautiful smooth texture… what you’ll need? This method has worked for me a couple of times. This method is the best for getting great results with homemade paint.

1. Mix the cornflour and enough water in a saucepan to form a paste. 2. Add 1 cup boiling water. Mix well to remove any lumps. Add 1 cup boiling water. Mix well to avoid lumps 3. Mix the mixture on medium heat. You will see the mixture begin to change. The mixture will begin to change. After you have seen these streaks, reduce the heat to low and keep stirring. The mixture will begin to thicken, and it will become a custard-like consistency. 4. Add food colouring to equal quantities in jars, containers or cups. Continue mixing until well combined. We added three drops each of red, yellow, green and red to each colour. We added one drop of red to orange and two yellows to create purple. To make violet, we added one drop of blue, and two drops of red. 5. Cling wrap can be used to protect the paint for as long as 2 weeks in the refrigerator. The paint does not contain any preservatives so make sure to keep it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Tip: The mixture can harden after being stored in the refrigerator. You can either add a bit of boiling water to the mix or let it sit out for several hours until the consistency returns. This Homemade Finger Paint has …