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How To Grow Purple Cannabis

Marijuana plants are often green in colour. In the least the majority of us are used by seeing that hue. Cannabis strains could also be purple, believe it or it’s not. Purple marijuana strains are becoming more popular in recent years.

While the color may be appealing, the high quantities of THC present in purple marijuana buds are a major reason for its popularity. It’s also more powerful than regular marijuana. All you have to know about unique purple cannabis buds are right here.


What Causes Purple Cannabis Buds?

Most marijuana varieties are green, but why do some varieties have purple? Cannabis buds may naturally change colour depending on the climate that they’re in. When marijuana is cultivated outside in cold conditions it happens in its own way.

The change in color is caused by a pigment known as anthocyanin. Anthocyanin becomes active when chlorophyll (the pigment that gives the plants their green hue disintegrates in cold temperatures. Anthocyanin is already present in the plant, however, the plant looks green because chlorophyll is higher. The effects of anthocyanin can be only evident after the death of chlorophyll.

The specific colour of the plant currently is determined by the pH of anthocyanin levels, which could be red, purple or blue. When the pH of cannabis buds is at a neutral level, they change to purple.

This natural occurrence has piqued the interest of marijuana growers and consumers, and it’s now possible to grow purple cannabis in regular conditions. Buds leaves, leaves, trichomes pistils, and trichomes are just a few an example of marijuana plant components that could turn purple. The leaves of the plant can turn purple while the buds remain green, and vice versa.

This occurs when the plant is exposed to cold temperatures over long periods of time. Whatever beautiful the plant looks, the leaves are removed after harvest. In the end, growing marijuana with the purple buds and green leaves is the intention.

Purple marijuana buds are linked to a variety of health benefits due to their abundance of anthocyanin. It is believed that they have the potential to boost the health of your heart and provide relief from pain. In addition, the abundance of anthocyanin found in these buds indicate that they’re antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.

How to Grow Purple Cannabis the Right Way and the Wrong Way

The following steps will allow you to produce an incredibly strong weed with high levels of THC regardless of whether the hue of purple appealing or not. It’s worth noting that there are plenty of misleading instructions to grow purple strains online We don’t recommend. To acquire the color purple quickly, these strategies include denying the plant oxygen and dazzling it with cold temperatures. This will not work.

To acquire the desired shade of purple it’s not recommended to apply food coloring, too. It is best to avoid these techniques at all cost since an unwise approach to growing purple cannabis buds could degrade the plant’s quality and lower production. It’s not likely the result you’re hoping for.

Purple cannabis varieties should be grown this way. Not only will you receive the results you want if adhere to these guidelines and guidelines, but you’ll also enjoy premium marijuana buds.

Everything starts when you plant the proper seeds.

The right seeds are required to grow purple marijuana buds effectively. The seeds that have the genetic capacity to transform into purple are required otherwise, all efforts will be in vain. Anthocyanin levels in seeds should be very high (the pigment that gives blueberries their wonderful purple color).

When it comes to the time, chlorophyll begins to diminish in winter and autumn when the daylight hours are less. Anthocyanin controls and gives its hue at this point. The second step is creating the ideal conditions for the growth of violet cannabis buds.

For marijuana to turn purple, marijuana plant to become purple, it requires warmer days and cold nights. The ideal is a temperature differential of about 30 degrees. The night cycle temperature should be about 50 degrees Fahrenheit during blossoming time (10 degrees Celsius).

About 15 days before you harvest marijuana buds start to change color to purple. You’ll have excellent purple marijuana buds shortly if follow the tips in this article and ensured you have the perfect temperature.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Growing marijuana buds outside is usually recommended since it is more efficient to manage the surrounding and ensure the correct temperature. Purple cannabis buds may, of course, be grown outdoors but it’s more challenging because of the environmental aspects.

First, make sure your soil is sufficient to support the growth of your plant. Many factors may stifle the development of your marijuana strains, such as using the wrong nutrients or growing in soil that isn’t specially designed for it. Before you begin growing the plant, be sure the soil is in good condition.

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